The Neem Tree, Question and Answers

Q.1 How can the Neem Tree prevent the burning heat of the sun from troubling us?

Ans. The high Neem Tree with its extending branches interrupts the scorching heat of the mid day sun and provide soothing shade to people. In this way, it prevents the burning heat of the sun from troubling us. Q.2 Why does the poetess say that Neem Tree is unafraid? Ans. The poetess Mrs. Elsa Kazi says that the Neem Tree is unafraid of the burning heat of the sun and stands unprotected and unrefreshed the whole day long in the scorching heat of the sun.

Q.3 What does the Neem Tree look like? Ans. The Neem Tree looks like a man, facing every fate in life, boldly and bravely.

Q.4 How does the poetess compare the Neem Tree to man? Ans. The Neem tree provides shelter to people and protects them from the scorching heat of the sun without any protection for itself. It stands out in the open hot sun bearing the fierce heat. In the someway, man can be as fold as the Neem tree and try to protect his fellow human beings from sorrow and poverty by sacrificing his own comfort.

Q.5 What according to the poetess is the highest aim in life?

Ans. A man must hold with determination for all kinds of difficulties in life and accept the ups and downs of life in a stead fast manner. Through self sacrifice he must help his fellow human beings who are poor, sad and in trouble and guide them on the right path. This, according to Mrs. Elsa Kazi is the highest aim of the life.


To Principal Asking Permission for Visiting Pakistan Steel Mills and Making Necessary Arrangement for Transport

The Principal,
X-Y-Z School, Karachi

Dear Sir,
With due respect, I beg to say that the students of our class wanted to visit Pakistan Steel Mills Karachi. We shall be accompanied by three of our senior teachers. This trip will be a beneficial trip for us, from which we can make increment in our knowledge by watching how machines actually work. We can also pick a valuable information for the forth-coming technical exhibition.
We will be grateful to you if you allow us to visit Pakistan Steel Mills and make necessary arrangements for transport.
Thanking You.
Your’s faithfully,
Students of Class X
11th September, 2012

To the Principal for Sick Leave
The Headmistress,
ABC High School,
Respected Madam,
I am a student of class IX of your school and has been suffering from cold and fever since yesterday.
I am under treatment of my family doctor who has advised me bed rest for two more days.
In the light of my aliment, I would request to grant me sick leave for three days and for this act of your’s I shall remain ever grateful to you.
Thanking you once again for your favour.
Your Obedient Student,
21th September, 2012


To Uncle Thanking Him for the Birthday Present
Examination Hall,
12th September, 2012
My Dear Uncle,
I received your telegram full of blessings and a parcel delivered to me by a postman containing a beautiful Omega watch.
Your present reminds me of your deep affection that you have in your heart for me. I liked the watch you has sent for me. I really needed a watch this time. How nice of you that you have fulfilled my need. I shall consider it a precious thing like a diamond. It will also make me punctual.
Uncle I missed you very much in the happy occasion of my birthday. I have taken many photographs and will send some of the prints to you.
My letter is getting long. Allow me to close my letter here.
With regards an good wishes to you.
Your’s affectionately