The National University of Sciences & Technology, colloquially known as NUST, is located in Islamabad,  Pakistan.NUST is a public sector university.

Today, NUST is the dynamic face of higher education in Pakistan. Our newly built technology-smart campus in Islamabad nestles not only with some premier educational institutes and research centers but also enjoys the close vicinity of the capital’s industrial sector.

More than an exodus to the dream campus (H-12), the relocation of some NUST Schools in the serene setting of the federal metropolis is a giant leap for the University to vie for a prominent place in the unfolding arena of higher education.

You can download here Old Papers of NUST Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D in Engineering, Medical Sciences, Management Sciences, information Technology, BSc, MA, MSc, MBA, BBA, BS, MS, PhD, Urdu, English, Persian, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Computers, Business Studies, MBBS, BDS, Engineering, Science.

NUST Last 5 Year Old Past Papers | NUST Old Papers & Sample Guess Papers

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